Perkins  Family Genealogy, Newmarket connections


1)      William Perkins (b.1616 in Cornwall, England; d. 1732 in Newfields, NH. 1669 took Oath of Allegiance at age 53 in Dover, NH,  resided 1675 Squamscott River. On 28 Jul 1675 at age 59 purchased 60 acres on First Creek from W. Hilton.  William Perkins was “one of Oliver Cromwell’s old soldiers” per Fitts. His Son:

2)      William Perkins, Jr. (b.1638 in Oyster River (Durham, NH); d.1732)  Occupation 1668- Constable in Oyster River. He married 28 Jan 1669 Elizabeth Ault in Stratford, NH.  She was born 1643 in Durham, NH; d. Sep 29 1691 at Sandy Beach, NH at age 48. Her parents: John Ault (1601-1694) and Remembrance Tibbetts aka Tybott (1607-1667). William (2) purchased land 1675 at age 37 in Newmarket from the Hiltons. He resided in Newmarket and was one of the first three selectmen elected for the Town when it incorporated in 1727.  He died 1734 at age 37 in Rye, NH. Their two children were:

             3)      John Perkins (Deacon) (b. 1669 in Durham; d. 1758 in Newmarket);  and

              4)      Elizabeth Perkins (b.1670 in Stratford, NH; d. April 27, 1706 in Oyster River, NH). She married John Wheeler 1696 when she was 26 yrs old.


John Perkins (3) married Rebecca Smart (b.1674 in Exeter, NH; d. 1749 at age 75 in Newmarket, NH).  Her parents were: Robert Smart (1646-1718) and Eleanor (1650-1700).  John & Rebecca had a son John (5):

5)      John Perkins (b. 1700, Newmarket; d. 1769 in Newmarket at age 69.  He was large land holder). The Wiggin Family genealogy lists him as marrying Mary Wiggin [b. 23 Aug 1704 in Squamscott House, NH; d. May, 1776  in Stratham, NH. Mary Wiggin’s parents were Jonathan Wiggin (1683-  1738) and Mary Emery (1684-1745)

                     The four children of  John (5) and Mary Wiggin were: Elizabeth (6) John (7), Richard (8), and Mary (9):

6)      Elizabeth (b.10 May 1731 in Newmarket; d- ) m. Ebenezer Neal (b.1726;  d.1805) They had one son:  Walter Neal (b. 1755; d. 1823)

 7) John Perkins (b. 1732 – after 1792) he m. Elizabeth Arben resident of Newburyport, MA in Hampton NH Sep 1765  by William Paine Wingate.  Their    children were:  (The following was recorded May 5th 1792 by Information of Mrs. Perkins.  Per Josiah Adams, Town Clerk)


       10) Deborah  Perkins b. 29 May 1766

       11)  Sarah Perkins b. 2 Oct 1767

       12) Hannah Perkins b. 9 March 1769

       13)  Polly Perkins b. 6 Aug 1770

       14)  Robert Perkins b. 19 Aug 1772

       15)  Elizabeth Perkins b. 5 May 1792

8 ) Richard Perkins (b. 1738 in Newmarket; d. 1779 in Newmarket). He married Molly Parson 1760. She died April 30, 1818.  Richard and Molly had           eight children:

       16) Andrew Perkins(b.1761; d.on board ship in Charleston Harbor,S.C. in the Revolutionary War.)

       17) Lydia Perkins (b.1763; d.1785 at age 22 in or just after childbirth). She m. Joseph Neal 1783.   They had one son  —- 30) John Neal (b.1785 -)

       18) Molly Perkins (b. 25 Feb 1765 in Newmarket; d. 26 Oct 1826 in Palermo, Waldo Cty, ME)

       19) Josiah Perkins (b.1767; d.21 Jan 1852 age 84 in Meredith). He m. Lydia Sanborn 1790. They Moved to Meredith by 1796.  They had one child:

                      31)  Josiah Perkins b.1792 in Stratham NH-d. Aug 21,1883 at age 91). 

       20) John Perkins (b.1771 in Newmarket -)

       21) Eunice Perkins twin (b.9 Feb 1774 -)

       22). Sally Perkins twin (b.9 Feb 1774; d. 1835) m. Rev. John Elliott (b.1774; d.1856)

       23). Abraham Perkins (b. 23 Sep 1777 in Newmarket – d. 20 May 1840 in Ossipee, NH).  He was a hardware merchant.  He m. Susanna Gilman in              Tamworth, NH on 18 Jan 1806.  She died 21 Sep 1836 at age 54 in Skowhegan, ME.)  Abraham & Susanna had two girls:

                  32)  Mary Jane Perkins (b. 16 Dec 1807 in Tamworth; d. 7 Nov 1884 in Lewiston, ME.)     She m. Rev. John Richardson 21 Mar  1832 in Tamworth, NH.

                  33) Sophia D. Perkins (b. 22 Mar 1812 in Tamworth, NH;d.21 Aug 1892 Skowhegan, ME.) She m. John McCrillis.


9) Mary Perkins (b. April 5, 1739 in Newmarket; d.- ?) m. in Newmarket 18 May 1759 a Charles (AKA Chase) Wiggin(b.12 Jul 1730 in Stratham -)  They      had six children:

        24)  Charles Wiggin (b.10 Jan 1761Newmarket; d. 12 Feb 1761 Newmarket)

         25)  Bradstreet Wiggin (b.24 Jul 1762 Exeter; d.18 Jan 1809 Stratham age at 46)  He  m. Margaret Tarleton (b.1766 Newmarket; d.10 Dec 1855  at Corinth, VT)  They had three children:

                      34) John Tarleton Wiggin (b. 26 May 1766 Exeter; d. 23 Aug 1887 at Corinth, VT)  He m. Nancy C. Plummer 7 Dec 1820 in  Corinth, VT – they had 10 children.

                       35). Enoch Wiggin (b. 6 Feb 1799 Bradord, VT; d. 10 Mar 1855 Newbury, VT)  He m. 1818 a Mary Carter in VT – they had four children       

                       36)  Stileman Tarleton Wiggin (b.1801; d. 15 Jun1852)

           26) Chase Wiggin (b. 17 Dec 1764 Newmarket; d.16 Aug 1842 Portsmouth)   He m. 1st1790 to Sarah Jane Pottle (b. 1770; d. after 1797) they had       three children:

                        37) Mary Jane Wiggin (b.1793 NH; d. 10 Aug 1873 NH) in 1811 she m. Alexander Salter Lear in Epsom & they had 7 children.

                        38) Martha Wiggin (b.4 Apr 1796; d.1883 Deerfield)  Before 1830 she m. Stephen W. Nichols and they had 1 child.

                         39) Samuel P. Wiggin (b. 10 Oct 1797 NH; d.1863) Before 1823  he1st  m. Elizabeth M. Eliza Wendell (1800- ) –they had 8  children. He m. 2nd in 1800 to Mary March – they had four children:

                            40) Sarah Wiggin (1800 – 1851), she m. Joseph Meloon

                             41) Charlotte Wiggin (b. 24 Sep 1802 Newmarket; d. 20 Oct 1865 Lawrence, MA). On  Jan 1863 she m. Andrew Wiggin (1794 – 1866) – they had 4 children

                            42) Ann Nancy Wiggin (b.1805 Newmarket; d. 10 Jan 1868 Portsmouth) She m 1st12 Nov 1823 in Exeter to Jonathan   Hobbs (1797-1841);   She m 2nd10 Mar 1847 NH to Daniel Bailey (1791-1874) they had 1 child

                            43) James J. Wiggin (7 Jul 1814 NH; d.1888 Saco, ME)  He m. Hannah Scamman Rumery (1824-1891) of Saco, ME .They resided in Saco and had 2 children.

                27. Mary Wiggin (b.1769 Newmarket; d.30 Sep 1842 Exeter).  She m. 4 Oct 1789 in Newmarket to Gilman Gale (1766-) They had one child:                                           44).John Gale

               28. Martha Wiggin (b.1772 in Newmarket -) 31 Dec 1795 she m. Samuel Calef (1772-)

               29. Nancy Wiggin (b.1775 Newmarket; d.1850 age 75)   She m. Josiah Prentiss (1772-1855) – They moved to Northwood, NH and had 5 children


 In Inhabitants of NH 1776 – The following adult Perkins head of Household are listed as residing in Newmarket:

John (2),  Moses, Richard,  and William.


Newmarket’s 1790 Census:         

 Head of Family                Total in  Household        

John Perkins                     4                           

John Perkins, Jr.              6                          

William Perkins                3    

William Perkins, Jr.         5  

 Newmarket’s 1800 Census:

Name of Head of Family:      Total in Household

 John Perkins                            3

John Perkins, Jr.                     3

Robert Perkins                         5

William Perkins                        5

Newmarket’s 1810 Census:

Name of Head of Family          Total in Household

Dane Perkins                                  6

 Robert Perkins                             7

 Those Perkins names associated with Newmarket in the Revolutionary War are listed -followed by the location of the NH State War Rolls by Volume & page #:

 John – vol. XXX; pg 99

Joshua – vol. XV; pg 667;  vol. XVI

Josiah – vol. XVI, pg 765 — a Private, assigned to Col. Hercules Mooney’s Regiment.

In Second Expedition to Rhode Island in 1778.

Moses – VolXXX, pg 100

Richard – VolXIII, pg 25.

 Those over age 21 who signed the Association Test:  John Sr. and John Jr. Perkins

Those who refused to sign were: William and Richard Perkins

 Mrs. Perkins was paid for the use of her oxen for ½ day for the building of fire rafts to protect Portsmouth Harbor


In Roy Kent’s book on Private Cemeteries in Newmarket, written 1974

The following Perkins are buried on the Maurice Plante property, Ash Swamp Road, Newmarket

 Perkins, Ada Jane,.dau of John 11. & Hannah P.  D-Sept.14,1841-4y.,7m .

Perkins, Daniel  D-March 16, 1868-90y

Perkins, Hannah 8, wife-of John                D- April 9, 1889-73y,10m

Perkins, John     D-Nov.18,1875-68y,10m

Perkins, Mary, wife of Daniel (Cheswell) D-March 23,1855 -79y

From Old Newmarket Town Records:

Charles Wiggin m. Mary Perkins 19 May 1754.

                Children:              Charles b. 10 Jan 1761, d. 13 Feb 1761

                                                Bradstreet b. 24 July 1762

                                                Charles b. 19 Dec 1764


Married by Rev, Nathaniel Ewer:  Benjamin Perkins m. Mary Neal  12 Jan 1792  -  per Josiah Adams, Town Clerk

 Lemuel Perkins of Strafford m. Maria B. Young of Newmarket  26 Aug 1832

Peter Burley & Sally Perkins both of Newmarket m. 10 May 1833 by Justice of Peace Benjamin Loven.

Thomas Delane of Durham m. 12 Sep 1834  Polly Perkins of Newmarket  by Constantgine Blodget, Minister of God  -                                                                                             – per James Coleman, Town Clerk

Perley B. Gilman  m. 10 Oct 1856  Ann A. Perkins  -per Paul Giles, Town Clerk



Sources: from Fitts’ History of Newfields; The History of the Town of Stratham; Lamprey River Village, The early years; Town papers & Federal Census records.

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