10th  Infantry Regiment New Hampshire

Date of Organization:     1 Jul 1862                             Muster Date:     4 Sep 1862

Officers Killed or Mortally Wounded:      7              Officers Died of Disease or Accident:      1

Enlisted Killed or Mortally Wounded:      154         Enlisted Died of Disease or Accident:      133


The 10th New Hampshire Infantry was organized in Manchester, New Hampshire and mustered in for a three year enlistment. A state bounty of  $50 was continued to all recruits in order to avoid the impending draft.

11 Newmarket Soldiers

BARTON, Leonard – Substitute — born in Albany, NY age 28; credited to Newmarket; enlisted Aug. 10, 1863; mustered in Aug. 10, 1863, as Private in Company D, 10th Infantry.  Transferred to U.S. Navy May 1, 1864, as a Seaman; served on USS “Colorado” and “Sassacus”; deserted 4th quarter of 1864, from “Sassacus.”

CARRIGG, Michael  — enlisted 4 Sep 1862 at age 27 as a Private in Company G, 10th Infantry.  He mustered in 8 Sep 1862 and mustered out 21 Jun 1865 at Richmond, VA. He was born in Ireland between about 1835 - 1839 to John and Brigit Carrigg.  In 1879 he was paid $61.80 for services rendered to the town of Newmarket.  The 1880 census lists them as living in Newmarket – he as a laborer, and she in the cotton mills. In 1890 his wife filed for a widow’s pension. His name is on the G.A.R. Memorial.

FURBER, Albert G. –enlisted 6 Apr 1863. Mustered in 10 Apr 1863 at age 33 as a 3rd Class Musician in the Second Brigade Band, 10th Army Corps.  Discharged 3 Nov 1863 at Folly Island, S.C. He extended his enlistment and mustered out 4 Jul 1865 at Hilton Head, S.C. Born Lee, credited to Newmarket. His name is on the G.A.R. Memorial. [See BIO]

HANDLIN, John – enlisted 11 Aug 1862 at age 18 as a Private in Company F, 10th Infantry. Mustered in 16 Sep 1862, Born in Ireland.  Resided in Newmarket. Deserted 20 Oct 1862 at Pleasant Valley, MD.

JOHNSTON, Robert – Substitute - born in Liverpool, England; age 22; credited to Newmarket; enlisted and mustered in on 11 Aug1863 as Private with Company C, 10th Infantry; discharged 23 Nov 1863, by sentence General Courts Martial to hard labor at Norfolk, VA, for 2 years.

MILES, Robert —enlisted 3 Oct 1861 at age 19 as a Private in Company C, 6th Infantry.  Mustered in 27 Nov 1861.  Received a Disability Discharge on 4 Mar 1862 at Roanoke Island, NC  — he later re-entered with Company G, 10th Infantry. He was born in South Newmarket, and resided in Newmarket.

KENNEDY, John – enlisted 15 Aug 1862 at age 27 as a Private in Co. F, 10th Infantry.  He mustered in 17 Sep 1862; and Discharged Disabled 29 May 1865.  He was working in the cotton mills in town, and was credited to Newmarket.  Born in County Kerry, Ireland; by 1870 he and his wife Mary left the cotton mills of Newmarket for those of Amesbury, MA.  In Jan 1900,  his wife received a widow’s pension. His name is on the G.A.R. Memorial.

LINDSAY, Robert – Substitute — Co. D, 10th Infantry; born in Dundee, Scotland; age 22; credited to Newmarket; enlisted and mustered in on 11 Aug 1863 as Private; he received a disability discharge 14 Sep 1864.

MENDUM, John – (Substitute) He enlisted in May of 1861 for 3 years in State Service from Newmarket by B.N. Towle.  He was discharged by Governor’s Order 31 May 1861 so that he could enlist in regular service on 1 Aug 1861 at age 34 in Company D, 3rd Infantry, mustering in on 23 Aug 1861.  He received a Disability Discharge on 24 Sep 1862 at Hilton Head.  He was born in Lee, resided in and credited to Newmarket.  He later re-enlisted and mustered in 11 Aug 1863 as a Private in Company I, 10th Infantry; Transferred to Company D, 2nd Infantry 21 Jun 1865.  Mustered out 19 Dec 1865.    The Town directory of 1872 lists him working as a laborer who was living on Creighton Street. His name is on the G.A.R. Memorial.

MURRAY, George O.  –enlisted from Portsmouth on 4 Aug 1862 at age 29 as a Private in Company G, 10th Infantry. He was born in Newmarket, resided in and credited to Portsmouth.  Mustered in 4 Sep 1862, appointed to Corporal. Discharged with promotion 23 Nov 1863.  He re-entered 2 Dec 1863 with a commission in Company E, 9th Infantry, U.S. Colored Troops.  Promoted to Full 1st Lieutenant on 2 Dec 1863.  Promoted to Full Captain 1 Jun 1865.  Mustered out 26 Nov 1866 New Orleans, LA .  His name is on the G.A.R. Memorial.

WHITTEN, John – Substitute — Co. I, 10th Infantry.  Born in London, England; age 23; credited to Newmarket; enlisted and mustered in on 11 Aug 1863 as Private; transferred to U.S. Navy Apr. 23, 1864, as an Ordinary Seaman; served on U.S.S. “Minnesota” and “Wyalusing”; deserted Nov. 12, 1864, en route to naval hospital, New York.

History of the 10th Infantry

Both the 10thand the 13thNH Infantries served at Fredericksburg, Falmouth and Portsmouth, the Army of the James, Drewry’s Bluff , Cold Harbor, the Battle of Fort Harrison, Fair Oaks, the Occupation of Richmond, as well as countless  squirmishes.  When the 10th New Hampshire Infantry mustered out of service 21 June 1865, veterans and recruits were transferred to the 2nd New Hampshire Infantry.

1862 --

 The 10thInfantry Left New Hampshire and moved to Washington, D.C., September 22-25, 1862; then to Frederick, Md., September 30; to Sandy Hook, Md., October 4, and to Pleasant Valley October 6. Duty at Pleasant Valley, Md., until October 27, 1862. Movement to Falmouth, Va., October 27-November 19. Battle of Fredericksburg, December 12-15.

1863  —

 Burnside’s Second Campaign (“Mud March”) January 20-24, 1863. Moved to Newport News, Va., February 9, then to Norfolk and Suffolk March 14. Siege of Suffolk April 12-May 4. Battery Huger, Hill’s Point, April 19. Reconnaissance across Nansemond River May 4. Moved to Portsmouth May 13, thence to Yorktown, Va. Dix’s Peninsula Campaign June 24-July 7. Expedition from White House to South Anna River July 1-7. Moved to Portsmouth July 8-14, and to Julien Creek July 30. Duty there until March 19, 1864.

1864 –

Ballahock, on Bear Quarter Road, and Deep Creek, February 29-March 1, 1864. Moved to Great Bridge March 19, then to Yorktown April 19. Butler’s operations on south side of the James River against Petersburg and Richmond May 4-28. Port Walthal Junction May 7. Chester Station May 7. Swift Creek (or Arrowfield Church) May 9-10. Operations against Fort Darling May 12-16. Battle of Drewry’s Bluff May 14-16. Bermuda Hundred June 17-27. Moved to White House, then to Cold Harbor May 27-31. Cold Harbor June 1-12. Before Petersburg June 15-19. Siege of Petersburg and Richmond June 15, 1864 to April 2, 1865. Chaffin’s Farm, New Market Heights, Fort Harrison, September 28-30, 1864. Battle of Fair Oaks October 27-28. Duty in lines north of James River before Richmond until April 1865.

1865 –

Occupation of Richmond April 3. Provost duty at Manchester until mustering out on 21 June 1865.


The regiment is perpetuated within the University of New Hampshire Army ROTC, where top cadets are selected from the regular battalion to join 10th New Hampshire Volunteers, a group that is volunteer oriented throughout New Hampshire. Members are required to know the history of the regiment and are held to a higher standard of military knowledge, military history, and participation within the battalion.


 James Albert Sanborn. Late Captain, 10th NH Infantry Regimental Historian.

Revised Register of Soldiers and Sailors of New Hampshire in the War of the Rebellion 1861 – 1866, as prepared and published by Authority of the Legislature, by Augustus D. Ayling (NH Adjutant General). Printer: Ira C. Evan, Public Printer, 1895.

All Published

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