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Our goal is to tell Newmarket’s story, preserve its local artifacts, and sponsor historical events and educational opportunities.  Please consult our program of events for exact dates, times, and locations for our meetings and events as they have recently changed. 

The public is always welcome to attend our educational meetings, which are free except for select special events.

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The Stone School Museum opens Sundays June 11th

11 a.m. until 3 p.m.  thru September

We will open the museum to private or group tours.

Got Uncle Henry or Aunt Bea coming for an extended visit & don’t know what to do?

 to schedule a visit —

                          just email us at:  newmarketnh.historicalsociety@gmail.com


Our General Membership Meetings and our programs are held on the second Wednesday of the month at the Newmarket Town Hall.   However, the October program on Polish Immigration will be held upstairs at the Polish Club on Central Street, in keeping with their anniversary year special events. 


2023 Is a time for Celebrations of  a few Anniversaries

In 1823 the Newmarket Manufacturing Company came to town and changed Lamprey River Village forever.

In  Jan 1923 the NMCo turned control of John Webster Hall over to the Library Trustees and thus began the  Newmarket Public Library.

In May 1923 The Polish Club received its charter, and for 100 years since then it has served the Polish community of Newmarket.

This year the New Market Historical Society celebrates these events with our programming and Museum exhibits. 

But just for fun, at the next General Membership Meeting we take a look at what was playing at the movies 100 years ago:

Wednesday, September 13th, 7 pm at the Town Hall.

Sherlock Plays at The Star Theatre

Newmarket’s Celebration of 300 Years

Members of the Newmarket 300 Steering Commitee are preparing for the town’s 300th celebration scheduled for 2027.  The Committee seeks input from the public as they plan this event.  Meetings are the third Wednesday of the month, 6-7 pm at Sunrise Sunset Center behind the Police Station.   

The next meeting of the 300th Steering Committee will be held downstairs at the Newmarket Town Hall auditorium 6pm Wednesday, May 17th.

One Newmarket 300 project is the publication of a book titled:

A Portrait of Newmarket - 103 Persons, Places, and Things. 

Newmarket 300 wants your suggestions of who/where/what best represents Newmarket — past or present.  To do this, you’ll need to complete a survey oddly called  SURVEY MONKEY.

To reach the survey  you can either go to this link    https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6BZ6Q7G

or  use  this QR Code on your mobile phone:

The survey asks 4 questions: 

1 Which person, place or thing should be included in this book?

2.What is the significance?

3.What do you think would be a good image of this topic?

4.What is the most important thing about Newmarket’s history to you?

You can complete the survey as many times as you like. The more suggestions we receive, the better!

Newmarket’s celebration for the 250th was held in August 1977 - a ten-day event that was jam packed with events, dinners, breakfasts, parties, lectures, performances, and parades.  This time around the plan is to create a year-long celebration whereby town organizations, businesses, and social groups present events throughout the year.  

Times Change, Organizations Change — But The Party Goes ON !


We wish to acknowledge of business partners:

We wish to thank  Proulx Oil and Propane,  and  Chinburg Builders  who generously donated funds

for our efforts to acquire new artifacts and preserve those manuscripts, diaries, letters, and articles already in our collection.  

And… for our new business partner for 2023: 

Seacoast Test Prep, whose private tutoring and classes are offered

at The Loft, 125 Main St., Suite E, Newmarket.



The Historical Society is also committed to work with the Newmarket  300th Anniversay steering committee. 

Planning sessions are usually held  at the Sunrise /Sunset Center behind the Police Station the second Wednesday of each month; however, this month’s meeting is 6 pm , May 17th  at the Newmarket Town Hall.

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Stone School Museum

The Stone School Museum, built in 1841, as a two-room schoolhouse, and now home to the New Market Historical Society, is located high upon Zion’s Hill on Granite Street.  Hours of operation are in our program of events and are on our web page and Facebook.  If you need further information, please call 603-659-3289 and leave a message or via email at newmarketnh.historicalsociety@gmail.com. Your inquiry will be returned as soon as possible.

Newmarket (Images of America) 

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