Town Newspapers

In 1841, the “Granite State Democrat” was the first newspaper printed in town.  It relocated it’s presses from Exeter and was published by J.L.Beckett.

In 1842 Brackett Palmer. Esq. started a paper called the “Argus” which continued for a short time.

In 1870 Master F.H. Pinkham had a small printing job office and began publishing the “Newmarket Advertiser”.    The Prospectus of the Newmarket Advertiser – called for subscriptions to be collected by a Mr. George A. McLaughlin.  ”The Newspaper was to be published every Saturday morning at the price of $1.25 per year in advance.”  Dated 13 Aug 1870 by B.F. Thorndike.   The Advertiser published world & state news as well as local news for the towns of Newmarket, Durham, Lee, and Nottingham.

1873-1932  The Newmarket Advertiser was “officially founded” by Frank H. Pinkham from a office on Main Street in 1873.  The question of what to do with unsold copies was solved with ads such as:   “1909 – Old Advertisers For Sale – at 20 cents per hundred.  Goes to put under carpets, on shelves and for doing up bundles.  Clean and neatly folded.”  The Newmarket Advertiser continued up until the 1932 having moved to the barn behind the old Leavitt home on South Main Street.

The Pearl Printing Press

 This printing press along with trays of type block letters were donated to the New Market Historical Society by Al Bastrarache.  (NHS # 75.11)

This is the press that the earlier NewMarket Advertiser rolled from.  This little “jewel” was introduced around 1876. Its originator was Boston printer William Hughson Golding who started the Golding & Co. in the Fort Hill area of Boston about 1869. It was first made in two sizes. It had no throw-off or depressible grippers and two ink rollers

1933-1949  The “Newmarket News” was then published each Friday by the Burbank Publishing Company, Aristotle Bouras, editor, later Mary Richardson became the editor.  The News printed world and state news as well as local news of  Newmarket, Milton, Rochester and North Rochester. Its presses contiued in the the old barn.

1947 -1949 -Great Bay Pilot was a weekly newspaper first published in Newmarket September 18, 1947, until last publication March 3, 1949. (End vol. # 27)  The presses left the old barn on South main Streetwas taken over in 1949 for one month and was incorporated into the Somersworth Free Press & Great Bay Pilot March 10, 1949 until last printing March 31, 1949. It then resurfaced ast the Press-Pilot, April 7, 1949 until Oct 12, 1950, published by the Somersworth Free Press.  The paper covered all the local news of towns surrounding Great Bay.  Martha Elliott of Newmarket became editor in 1949.

1950’s-1970s - Newmarket Times - Local paper covering Newmarket  published by the Woodbury Press in Hampton, with it’s office at 72 Main Street in Newmarket. Editor and Publisher was Daniel Woodbury, Local news editor was  Marion Stevens and Norma Otash. mary Richardson continued as local historian contributing stories from Newmarket’s past.  The publisher in the 1970s became the Withey Enterprises, Inc. of Newmarket with Constance M. Withey Editor and Publisher.

1970’s-  1990s        - Tri Town Transcript. Covering Newmarket, Durham, Lee and Madbury, editor Buzz Dietterle 


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