New Market Historical Society

    Worshipful Masters of the Rising Star Lodge

    Part 3  ( 1955 - 1999 +)  

    Rising Star Lodge #24, Newmarket NH 191826-1999

    Biographies compiled by Jason Stonesifer

    Photos Donated by Rising Star Lodge

    Winston D. Evans, 1956 (51)

                    Winston Evans was born on May 20, 1914, in Manchester, NH.  He graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1938 and married Martha Thayer from Woodsville, NH, in a small ceremony in Durham, NH, later that same year.  While living in Durham, Winston, who had studied at UNH’s College of Agriculture and the Mechanical Arts, went to work as a repairman for the New England Telephone Company, where he stayed for more than ten years.  In the early 1950s, Winston moved his family to Fort Pierce, FL, where he worked as a technician at Southern Bell Telephone, a position he held for thirty-eight years.  In 1966, Winston and Martha bought a small house in Lee, NH, which they used as their summer home for over two decades.  Winston died in Florida on September 27, 1997, at the age of 83.


    Robert G. Stevens, 1957-1958 (52)

                    A lifelong resident of Newmarket, Robert Stevens was born on September 15, 1926, to Doris James and John Stevens, a well-known painter and general contractor.  He graduated from Newmarket High School in 1944 and put off going to work with his father to enlist in the Army.  After training at Camp Blanding in Starke, FL, Robert deployed to the Pacific, where he served for more than a year and received the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal.  Robert left the service in October 1946 and returned home to Newmarket, where he began working as a self-employed painter.  Two years later, on June 19, 1948, Robert married Ruth Jennings from Amesbury, MA, in a ceremony held in Kennebunkport, ME.  The couple had two children and remained together in Newmarket for fifty-five years until Robert’s death on August 4, 2003.


    William F. Robinson, Sr., 1959-1960 (53)

                    William Robinson, Sr., was born in Concord, NH, on October 21, 1915, to Arthur and Susan Robinson, who moved to Portsmouth, NH, when William was a toddler.  In 1927, the family moved to Durham, NH, where William finished school.  On March 19, 1939, he married fellow Durham resident Alice Janet Hazlett, who was born in Lynn, MA, and the couple moved to Newmarket, where William went to work as a service station attendant.  Alice and William were together for 46 years until William’s death in November of 1985.  They had one son, William Jr, who was born in Exeter Hospital in 1940.  Not long after William Jr’s birth, the family moved to Durham, where William Sr became active in town affairs.  In 1951, while serving as Deputy Director of the Durham Civil Defense Committee, William Sr coordinated with the New Hampshire State Civil Defense Office on Durham’s Cold War era emergency evacuation plan.


    Roy E. Kent, 1961-1962 (54)

                    Roy Kent was born in Newmarket on September 2, 1925.  Shortly after graduating from Newmarket High School in 1943, he enlisted in the Navy.  He deployed to the Pacific, where he served as an aviation metalsmith at a number of places, including New Hebrides Island.  When he returned home after the war, Roy attended the New England Institute and began a career in the funeral business as an associate embalmer.  In 1955, Roy and his business partner purchased the Brown & Trottier Funeral Home and renamed it Brisson & Kent.  Roy later became the sole owner of the business until 1971 when he took on a new partner and changed the name once again to the Kent & Pelczar Funeral Home, which is still in operation today.  Roy sold his share of the funeral home to his partner in 1987 but remained with the business part-time until he retired for good in 1996.  Roy and his wife, Alice, whom he married in 1955, made a lasting impact in Newmarket and were both charter members of the New Market Historical Society.


    L. Forbes Getchell, 1963-1964 (55)

                    Born New Bedford, MA, on August 11, 1919, and raised in Durham, NH, Dr. L. Forbes Getchell founded Newmarket Dental in 1951 and spent the next 33 years as the one of the region’s most respected dentists.  In 1948, Forbes married Sylvia Fitts, and the two became fixtures in the town of Newmarket.  They were charter members of the town’s historical society, and they traveled throughout New England, to Canada, and to France participating in historical reenactments commemorating the Newmarket Colonial Militia.  In 1998, the town of Newmarket awarded the Getchells the first annual Keeper of the Heritage Award in recognition of their commitment to the town and its history.  Dr. Getchell retired from dentistry in 1984.  He took up woodworking as a hobby and began selling his handcrafted birds at craft fairs all over New England.  During World War II, Forbes achieved the rank of sergeant while serving in the Railhead Company of the 94th Quartermaster Corps, which spent time in the Atlas Mountains, southern France, and Italy before entering Germany late in the war.  Dr. Getchell died on May 16, 2012, at the age of 92.


    Harold D. Moran, 1964-1965 (56)

                    Harold Moran was born in Durham, NH, on July 27, 1921.  He graduated from Dover High School in 1939 and the University of New Hampshire in 1943.  In 1947, he obtained a law degree and was admitted to the New Hampshire Bar Association.  He joined the firm of McCabe and Fisher in Dover and in just a few years became a full partner.  The firm of Fisher, Parsons, Moran, and Temple represented individuals, towns, and companies from New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts in various cases pertaining to several different matters, including divorce, zoning issues, personal injury, and inheritance.  In 1956, Harold provided oral arguments in a case for a client who was attacked by a hyena while attending a fair known as the World of Mirth Show.  Harold married Mildred Edgerly on September 18, 1954, in a ceremony in Newmarket.  They remained together for 32 years until Harold’s death in 1986.


    Reginald H. Sharp, 1967-1968 (57)

                    Reginald “Reggie” Sharp was born in Castle Hill, ME, on October 9, 1925.  When he was eight years old, he moved with his family to Newfields, NH, where he lived for the next 64 years.  After graduating from Portsmouth High School in 1943, he served in the Navy during World War II.  When he returned home, Reggie went to work as a radar and sonar technician at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, where he stayed until his retirement in 1980.  In 1986, while serving as a water commissioner and Chairman of the Newfields Water Department, Reggie led a small group of residents who petitioned the town of Newfields to raise and allocate five thousand dollars to build an access ramp at the public library.  In 1950, Reggie graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in agriculture, which he put to use in his private life, farming and raising animals that he showed at fairs and competitions all over New England and at Ronald Reagan’s first inaugural parade.  Reggie died on June 10, 1997, at the age of 71.    


    Haven H. Hayes, 1969-1970 (58)

                    Haven Hayes worked as a professor of animal sciences and faculty advisor to the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity at the University of New Hampshire for forty-two years.  During his tenure, which ended when he retired in 1995, he published several works and participated in a number of studies on various topics within his field, including a prominent article on the needs and behaviors of northern deer species.  In 1968, Haven became a charter member and active corpsman of the Durham Ambulance Corps, a nonprofit organization that provided emergency medical services to UNH and the towns of Durham, Lee, and Madbury.  Today the Durham Ambulance Corps is known as McGregor Memorial EMS, and it responds to more that two thousand calls annually.  On July 14, 1962, Haven married Barbara Rising from East Andover, NH, in a ceremony in her hometown.  They remained together for the next 55 years until Haven’s death in October 2017.  


    William F. Robinson, Jr., 1971-1972 (59)

                    Born on January 4, 1940, William Robinson spent most of his life living in Durham, NH, where he was a member of the town council, captain of the volunteer fire department, commissioner of the Oyster River Youth Baseball Association, and a member of the budget committee.  In 1974, William was one of several people who volunteered their time and expertise to help construct Durham’s town ice skating rink.  On August 20, 1961, William married Nancy Ann Harrison of Haverhill, MA, in a ceremony held just outside of her hometown.  They made their home in Durham, and Nancy spent the next 30 years as a teacher in the Newmarket School District.  William worked in the Newmarket office of Robinson Rudd Oil of Durham, owned and operated Robinson Electric, and managed Houghton’s Hardware, which had buildings in Newmarket and Durham.  Both William and Nancy were longtime members of the New Hampshire Good Sam Roadrunners, an organization dedicated to respecting woodlands and the wilderness and promoting good camping etiquette. 


    Richard A. Gilbert, 1973-1974 (60)    

                    Richard Gilbert was born in Lewiston, ME, on January 22, 1933.  He lived most of his life in Newmarket, where he performed historical recreations as a charter member of the Newmarket Colonial Militia Company, spent 12 years as Chairman of the Trustees, and commanded the Robert G. Durgin American Legion Post 67.  In February 1951, Richard enlisted in the Army.  He deployed to Korea, where he served in the Haean Basin, an area known to UN Forces as the Punchbowl because of its odd terrain.  After he returned home in 1953, Richard went to work as a utility worker at the University of New Hampshire and a production supervisor at the MaCallen/Essex Company, where he stayed for 36 years.  On September 14, 1957, Richard married Marjorie Jenness in a ceremony held in Dover, NH.  They remained together in Newmarket until Richard’s death on March 11, 2015.   Richard opened up the Masonic Hall to host the New Market Historical Society general meeting and progam in  October, 2012 featuring some of the rituals and the meaning of the painted murals which hung about the great hall.  


    Joseph R. Bentley, 1975-1976 (61)

                    Joseph Bentley was born in Newmarket on October 19, 1935, to John Wilbert Bentley, who immigrated to the US from Nova Scotia, Canada, and Signe Marie Skogberg, who was born in neighboring Lee, NH.  He attended Newmarket High School, where he was a member of the biology club, acted in the junior and senior plays, and worked as an usher during school events.  After graduating in June 1954, he went to work as an electrician’s assistant.  On July 2, 1955, he married his high school sweetheart, Muriel Elaine Lambert, who had just graduated a month prior, was also a member of the Newmarket High School Biology Club, and named “Most Attractive” by her classmates.  The couple made their home in Newmarket, and Joseph eventually went to work for an area ship building company, where he became a production supervisor in the quality assurance department.  He died in Dresden, ME, on March 31, 2002, at the age of 66.


    John E. Bentley, 1977-1978 (62)

                    John Bentley is the younger brother of Joseph Bentley listed above. John also born in Newmarket, attended Newmarket High School where he was known to his classmates as a quiet and genial student, played on the baseball team, acted in school plays, and worked on the yearbook committee.  After graduating in June 1952, John went to work at a local First National Store, a small grocery chain that was eventually acquired by Pick-N-Pay Supermarkets.  He later became a saleman for Bayside Distrubiting in town. On December 28, 1962, John married longtime Newmarket resident and 1958 graduate of Newmarket High School Constance Shirley Bloom, who went on to become a teacher’s aide in the Newmarket School District and chairperson of the area Red Cross Bloodmobile.  John and Constance made their home in Newmarket, where they had four children. John became a member of the town’s Conservation Commission, which ensures the “proper utilization and protection” of the town’s natural and watershed resources.


    Richard Schanda, 1979-1980 (63)

                    A lifelong resident of Newmarket, Richard Schanda was born on his family’s farm on March 12, 1929.  He attended UNH and St. Anselm’s College and served in the Navy from 1946 to 1948.  In 1950, Richard went to work for the MaCallen Company in Newmarket, where he stayed for just over 37 years.  After retiring in 1987, he became a bailiff at the Rockingham County Superior Court in Exeter, NH.  On August 27, 1950, Richard married Priscilla Carabelas from Dover, NH, in a ceremony held at the Greek Orthodox Church in Portsmouth, NH.  The couple made their home in Newmarket, where he became a charter member of the New Market Historical Society, serving as its president in 1974 and 1975, a member of the Conservation Committee, and one of the founders of the Newmarket Colonial Militia.  An avid outdoorsman, Richard wrote many articles and columns for several local newspapers under the name “Joe Dixx” that featured his extensive knowledge of the natural world.  Richard died on June  15, 2004, in his Newmarket home at the age of 75.


    Douglas R. Jennison, 1981-1982 (64)

                    Douglas Jennsion was born on March 13, 1948, to Roger and Beatrice Jennison of Lee, NH.  In 1956, the family moved to Barrington, NH, where Douglas and his siblings attended the public school system.  On January 6, 1968, Douglas married Merry Fay Graves from Northwood, NH, in a small ceremony in her hometown.  The couple made their home in Barrington, NH, and Douglas went to work as a machinist and joined several fraternal organizations in addition to the Masons, including the Grand Chapter of New Hampshire’s Order of the Eastern Star, which named him Grand Patron in 1991 and 1992.  Merry Fay, who was working as a part-time secretary when she and Douglas married, became an administrative assistant at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, and in 1978, while working in the university’s recreation department, she helped to coordinate the UNH Youth Gymnastics Program.


    Dan A. Jennison, 1983-1984 (65)

                    Dan Jennsion, the brother of Douglas listed above,  was born on September 18, 1952, to Roger and Beatrice Jennison of Lee, NH.  He attended the Barrington public school system and graduated from Oyster River High School in 1970.  On January 13, 1973, Dan married Pamela Sumner from Durham, NH, in a small ceremony in her hometown.  The couple settled in Barrington, NH, and opened a number of businesses together, including Northeast Laundry Equipment in Dover, NH, which provided area laundromats with equipment and supplies, and NH1 Motorplex in Seabrook, NH, an indoor electric go-kart racing facility.  In 2019, Dan and Pamela partnered the Unitil Corporation to participate in the AECOM energy auditing program and complete a comprehensive study of NH1 Motorplex’s energy efficiency, which saved “over 83,000 kilowatts of electricity and more than $12,000 annually.”


    Roger D. Jennison, 1985-1986 (66)      

                    Born on November 20, 1929, in Greenland, NH, to Harold Jennison and Sarah Gilmore, Roger Jennison grew up in neighboring Lee, NH, where he graduated from the public school system and went to work as a machinist.  In 1956, Roger moved to Barrington, NH, where he lived for the rest of his life and became a longtime member of the town’s Planning Board and served as President of the PTA.  He was also an active member and past president of the Strafford County Fire Warden Association, a membership organization that is dedicated to bringing “Fire Wardens together to share information, train, and provide Wildland Fire Prevention to their communities.”  In 1954, Roger opened R.D. Jennison Builders, Inc., which remained in operation for more than ten years.  In 1966, he and his business partner, Richard McGowen, formed R&R Enterprises, Inc. and went on to develop several residential properties in Barrington, NH, including Emerald Acres Mobile Park, Golden Crest, and Meadowbrook Estates.  Roger died in Rochester, NH, on November 29, 1994, at the age of 65.


    Charles O. Dawson, Honorary Past Master, 1980 (67)

                    Charles Dawson was born in Zanesville, OH, on December 14, 1906, to Charles A. Dawson and Lillian Mack.  After graduating from East High School in Columbus, OH, he attended Ohio State University, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in 1930 and his master’s in 1940.  Charles moved to New Hampshire after college and began teaching civil engineering at UNH in Durham.  In 1972, he served as Secretary of the Joint UNH-Durham Advisory Committee, which worked to ensure a prosperous relationship between the university and the town.  During the Second World War, Charles served as an officer in the 35th Division of the 129th Field Artillery, eventually achieving the rank of colonel.  After the war, he continued to serve in the Army Reserve and retired as the Commandant of the Manchester, NH, District.  In 1931, Charles married Doris DuVall Smith from Columbus, OH.  They remained together until Charles’s death on April 4, 1993, at the age of 86. 


    Aaron J. Hopey, 1989-1990 (69)       

                    Aaron “AJ” Hopey lived in Newmarket all of his life.  He was born on July 6, 1953, to longtime Newmarket residents Walter Hopey and Gertrude Kartaszewicz.  He attended Newmarket High School, where he was a member of the baseball, soccer, basketball, and cross country teams.  As an adult, AJ took an active role in Newmarket town affairs, including celebrating the town’s history.  He was a charter member of the Newmarket Colonial Militia, who participated in historical reenactments all over New England, and he appeared in two different films about life in early Newmarket, both of which appeared on television for many years.  AJ was also the Chairperson of Newmarket Old Home Day, an annual festival, which often helped to raise money for after school programs and featured concerts, carnivals, and other special events like antique automobile shows.  In 2002, AJ addressed the Newmarket Town Council, speaking in favor of a potential amendment to the town budget to raise and appropriate more that forty-eight thousand dollars to refurbish the Old Engine House on the corner of South Street and Main Street.  The amendment passed.  AJ died on January 8, 2018, at the age of 64.


    Walter P. Schultz, 1987-1988 (70)

                    Born on October 14, 1940, in Exeter, NH, to Walter Schultz and Anna Olitzo, Walter Schultz, was a lifelong resident of Newmarket.  After graduating from Newmarket High School in 1958, he attended the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH, and went to work as a mechanical design engineer.  He accepted a position at Vanderweil Engineers, a full-service engineering firm in Boston, MA, specializing in sustainable-design technology services and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, where he became an associate project manager.  In 1977, Walter, who was an original member of the Newmarket Housing Authority, which the town established to ensure affordable housing for low to moderate income families and individuals, presided over the implementation of the Authority’s Section 8 program that increased the total number of residential units in town to more than seventy.  Walter died in Exeter Hospital on June 20, 2006, at the age of 65.


    Lewis L. Jennison, Honorary Past Master, 1991 (71)

                    Born in Winthrop, MA, on February 27, 1924, Lewis Jennison moved to the Newmarket area with his family when he was a boy.  He graduated from Dover High School in June 1944 and attended the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH, and Tufts University in Medford, MA.  Lewis went on to a career in the Navy, where he spent twenty-two years as a naval aviator and electronics instructor on lighter-than-air craft and standard planes.  After retiring from the Navy in 1964, Lieutenant Commander Jennison returned to New Hampshire and became a licensed electrician.  He worked for several businesses throughout his career, including Craig Supply in Durham, NH, and Anchorage Motels in York, ME.  On July 2, 1944, Lewis married Myra Susie Piper from Lee, NH.  The couple settled in her hometown, where Lewis became a longtime member of the town’s Zoning Board of Adjustment.  In 1985, following Lewis’s retirement from electrical work, he and Myra decided to travel the country and eventually visited all fifty states. 


    Kenneth E. Moore, Sr., 1992-1993 (72)

                    Kenneth Moore was born to Noyes and Evangeline Moore from Wolfeboro, NH, on August 19, 1924.  He enlisted in the Marine Corps during World War II and served at Guadalcanal, New Guinea, and as a gunner aboard the USS Dayton.  In 1945, he was present at the official surrender of the Japanese Army to General Douglas MacArthur.  When he returned home from the war, Kenneth went to work as a poultry manager at a plant in his hometown of Wolfeboro and eventually purchased his own poultry business in Durham, NH, where he also worked in the town’s post office.  In 1988, Kenneth, who was an active member of the Newmarket Colonial Militia, participated in the group’s reenactment at the Wolfeboro, NH, Independence Day parade, during which he was in charge of the militia’s working cannon.  Kenneth married Deborah Piper on October 2, 1949, in North Conway, NH.  The couple remained together for more than sixty years until Kenneth’s death on September 4, 2011. 


    John S. Shaver, Jr., 1994-1996 (73)

                    Born on August 1, 1947, in Alameda, CA, to prominent naval pathologist Captain John Shaver, Sr., and Elvie Crismon, John Shaver, Jr., attended high school in Maryland.  On November 26, 1965, John Jr, married Cynthia Marie Cornell from Bethesda, MD, in a small ceremony in Halifax County, NC.  After the couple divorced in 1969, John Jr moved to New Hampshire, where he joined the National Guard and was assigned to the wire section of Headquarters Battery, 3rd Battalion, in the 197th Field Artillery Regiment.  John Jr also worked as a maintenance technician at WNAC-TV in Boston, MA, which ceased operations in May 1982, and as maintenance crew chief at WENH-TV in Durham, NH, the first educational television station in New Hampshire.  In 1975, John Jr married Elizabeth Ling from Newmarket.  The couple eventually settled in Lee, NH.


    Peter N. Vatistas, 1997-1998 (74)

                    Peter Vatistas was born in Mabury, NH, on June 16, 1962, to Nicholas Vatistas and Nicolletta Carabelas.  He graduated from Oyster River High School in 1980 and went on to attend the New Hampshire Community Technical College in Stratham, NH, where he obtained an associate’s degree.  In 2005, Peter obtained his bachelor’s degree from American Intercontinental University in Atlanta, GA.  Peter married Deborah Itchkawich from Alton, NH, on June 4, 1988, in a ceremony held in Dover, NH.  A few years later, Peter joined the New Hampshire Air National Guard, which assigned him to the 157th Security Forces Squadron at Pease Air National Guard Base.  In 2006, he served at Kirkuk Air Base in Iraq, and in 2008, he deployed to Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan with the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing.  In 2018, Peter went to work as supplier quality engineer in the Warrior Sensor Division of L3Harris Technologies.


    J. Peter Masterson, 1999-2000 (75)

                    Born on June 3, 1958, J. Peter Masterson attended Lyman High School in Wallingford, CT, where he was in the chess club, acted in school plays, performed in the choir, and joined the boys’ glee club.  He graduated in June 1976, and four years later, on June 21, 1980, he married Lucinda London from Wallingford in a small ceremony in New Haven, CT.  J. Peter and Lucinda eventually moved to New Hampshire, where he attended UNH in Durham and went to work as a facilities director at Suflex Products and Services in Newmarket.  In 1992, J. Peter founded Envirotec, an environmental health and safety company that is still in operation today, and in 2002, he became an environmental health and safety supervisor at 3M in Rockland, MA.  In April 2014, J. Peter, who was an active Rainbow Dad Adviser for the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, participated in the organization’s special fundraising event in Portsmouth, NH, which featured a “backwards dinner” that began with banana splits and ended with appetizers.   Peter was instrumental in closing the Masonic Hall when the building was sold in 2018.  All furniture and items pertaining to the Masonic rites were donated to the Northwood Masonic Lodge after a devasting fire that destroyed their hall and all its contents.  Items that pertained to Newmarket including their historic trove of photographs and booklets he gave to the New Market Historical Society.